Music Unchained: Recreating the Music Ecosystem


As streaming continues to power the music industry’s growth, and as the overall use of licensed music and production of user generated content have reached an all-time high, some of the industry’s most complex challenges have essentially become part of the mainstream discourse.

It’s 2018 and the music ecosystem – at its core - still faces very much the same issues it has from the very beginning: Reassurance of reliable, current and accessible documentation of copyright and ownership for artists, rights owners and their advocates, as well as music licensees. Swift adaptation of the underlying administrative infrastructure to new environments shaped by technological innovation, updated regulations, and changing consumer preferences. And last but certainly not least, the issue discussed most prominently (and emotionally): The need to address and facilitate fair, speedy and transparent distribution of royalties and revenue deriving from creative content to the artists and rights owners.  

Indeed, it is 2018. Music business veterans still occasionally share their personal war stories of failed attempts to unite the industry’s metadata headache with a mythical Global Repertoire Database. Bystander and newbies to the circus are in disbelief how we – as a community – managed to hold on to any of these problems for as long as we did. Meanwhile, the promise of decentralized and distributed new technologies – such as blockchain – could finally be the game changer the ecosystem might need to reset.

 MusicTech Germany invites music industry professionals, developers, engineers, artists and their advocates, visionaries, and music enthusiasts to a day of open discourse, roundtable discussions and global community networking centered around our ideology of innovation through collaboration and focused on the impact, decentralized technology could have on the music ecosystem.

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>> Thursday, March 15th @ German Haus