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  • 3st kommunikation / 3st digital GmbH

    3st: where design meets content. Three managing directors and a team of around 50 designers, film-makers, editors and developers provide award-winning brand and business communication. Their shared passion? Multimedial content that people want to share and talk about: at the dinner table, in 280 characters or via Vimeo.


    3st kommunikation GmbH / 3st digital GmbH
    Taunusstraße 59-61
    55118 Mainz, Germany
    +49 61 31 49 96 10


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Marcel Teine

    Alex Knaub


    42DIGITAL is a leading online marketing agency located in Hamburg and Bremen (Germany). 42 develops and implements digital marketing strategies with a focus on search, social and display marketing for international clients. Feel free to contact us for a chat about cooperation possibilities.


    42DIGITAL GmbH
    Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8p
    28217 Bremen, Germany
    +49 42 15 96 59 90 0


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Stephan Römer

    Jens Brechmann

  • 42ponies GmbH

    42ponies* is your agency partner for digital communication & social business. 42ponies* are true and passionate communications allrounders – from online marketing to media/influencer relations to social media to event support. Down-to-earth, fast, efficient, fun & as a team.


    42ponies GmbH
    Werner-Eckert-Str. 4
    81829 Munich, Germany
    +49 61 31 49 96 10


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Uli Piesch 

    Annabelle Atchison


    48forward is not just a platform for events about innovation and future topics, about trends and visions. It is a whole community of like-minded people and those who are curious, curious about the things that will be on our minds within the upcoming decades.


    Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz 2
    80636 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 21 55 30 37


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniel Fuerg

    Fabian Ohrner

  • anytthingabout GmbH

    anythingabout offers customizable SaaS Products for Content Aggregation, Curation and Distribution to create and run Social Newsrooms, Social-Walls, and -Hubs on any device for brands like Mercedes, Bayer, Bosch, Eurowings and more.


    anytthingabout GmbH
    Brandstwiete 46
    20457 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 22 63 44 49 0


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Andreas Vill


    At Appinio, we do real-time market research via mobile app. We enable companies to get 1000s of answers from specific consumer groups - within minutes and 90% cheaper than traditional market research.


    Neuer Wall 10
    20354 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 17 79 63 51 46 

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jonathan Kurfess 

  • Aspekteins GmbH

    Aspekteins is Europe´s leading digital agency for integrated Virtual-Reality Experiences and top end interactive 360-degree-video production, with offices in Berlin and Saarbrücken. Following a full-service approach, Aspekteins not only delivers inhouse concepting and production but also orchestrates distribution of VR experiences via customized mobile Apps and Software with integrated VR Analytics.


    Aspekteins GmbH
    Kantstraße 6a
    66111 Saarbrücken, Germany
    +49 68 16 88 02 10 8


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniel Guthor 

  • B&B. Markenagentur GmbH

    From print to digital, social media to live events, film to augmented and virtual reality, B&B. is a first mover and shaker in a dynamic environment. With a highly systematic approach and an insatiable curiosity we use cutting-edge technology to shape meaningful brand experiences.


    B&B. Markenagentur GmbH
    Georgstraße 56
    30159 Hanover, Germany
    +49 51 12 80 61 12 2 

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Uwe Berger

  • B.I.G. - Business Intelligence Group

    The Business Intelligence Group focuses on digital transformation by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fueled by the power of Big Data. B.I.G. has been an innovator and pioneer in the field of digital intelligence since 2002.


    B.I.G. - Buisness Intelligence Group GmbH
    Untermainkai 1
    60311 Frankfurt/ Main, Germany
    +49 (0)1 51 11 10 11 01 

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch 

  • Baden-Württemberg International

    Baden-Württemberg International is the competence center for the internationalization of the State of Baden-Württemberg. Our main objectives are strengthening contacts between foreign and local companies and universities as well as positioning Baden-Württemberg as an excellent location.


    Baden-Württemberg International 
    Willi-Bleicher-Strasse 19
    70174 Stuttgart, Germany 
    +49 71 12 27 87 0


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Cornelia Frank

  • Barff digitalagentur GmbH & Co. KG

    Founded in 1993, Barff digitalagentur is a digital agency specializing in digital strategies and online marketing. From startups to large enterprises, our solutions support the strategic initiatives of clients using open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience and cutting edge technologies.


    Barff digitalagentur GmbH & Co. KG
    Grimmstrasse 1
    80336 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 74 71 16 0 

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Guenther Barff

  • Bavarian Film Center

    As a start-up incubator for media professionals with more than 25 years of experience, we support in all areas of the media landscape – from film and TV to innovative technologies such as xR and 360° film -  with Masterclasses, Labs, Hackathons, conferences and numerous international collaborations. 


    Bavarian Film Center
    Bavariafilmplatz 7
    82031 Gruenwald, Germany
    +49 89 64 98 10


    Contact Person at SXSW: 
    Astrid Kahmke

  • Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs
    Bavarian Ministry.png

    Bavaria is a thriving hub for all media sectors, ranging from film and TV productions and book publishing to music production and gaming. Its advantage: its diversity. We combine technique and content to develop the strategy for digital and creative industries and foster media activities. 


    Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology 
    Prinzregentenstrasse 28 
    80538 Munich, Germany 
    +49 89 21 62 22 68 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Silke Schmidt 

    Johanna Hebestreit

  • Berlin Partner

    Business and technology support for companies and scientific institutions – this is the Berlin Partner mission. With customized services and an excellent science and research network, our experts provide a range of programs to help companies launch, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin.


    Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH 
    Fasanenstraße 85 
    10623 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 (0)3 04 63 02 50 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Olivia Hohoff 

    Henning Ravn


    BiTHOUSE GROUP is a boutique business development cultivator, innovation scouting, mentorship, & strategic partnership firm. We scout solutions & implement processes involving the intersection of technology and industry (music,health,food,fashion,mobility & retail). 


    BiTHOUSE GROUP - Beyond the Music Label, FuseMX 
    Strelitzer Str. 2  
    10115 Berlin, Germany  
    +49 15 22 42 60 68 5


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Jewell Sparks  

  • BLM
    Bayerischr Landeszentrale.png

    The Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien (BLM), the regulatory authority for new media in Bavaria acts as a public-service institution licensing and controlling commercial radio, television and online services for Bavaria and beyond. 


    Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien | BLM
    Heinrich-Lübke-Str. 27
    81737 Müchen, Germany 
    +49-170-680 65 91 

    Contact Person at SXSW:  
    Benjamin Eimannsberger 

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Center

    Innovative medicines for people and animals have for more than 130 years been what Boehringer Ingelheim stands for. Day by day, some 50,000 employees create value through innovation for the three business areas human pharmaceuticals, animal health and biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing.


    Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Center GmbH 
    Binger Straße 173 
    55216 Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany 
    +49 61 32 77 0  


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Martin Hess


    Mohammed Ali

  • botswatch GmbH
    botswatch neu.png

    Botswatch provides real time social bot detection and cyber intelligence analyses on social media networks. We run fully automated and AI enabled detections of information campaigns to show their influence on sensitive topics in vulnerable situations like elections, disasters or terror attacks worldwide and in real time. 


    botswatch GmbH 
    Albrechtstr. 16 
    10117 Berlin, Germany  
    +49 30 5228 1918 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Tabea Wilke 

  • brain script GmbH

    brain script, founded 2007 by former tv pro Nikolai A. Behr, offers a wide range of consulting and creation services in strategy and communication including corporate video, image video and product films. We also produce VR / 360° Experiences for our clients.


    brain script GmbH 
    Montgelasstr. 8 
    81679 Munich, Germany 
    +49 89 88 90 46 35   


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Dr. Nikolai A. Behr

  • Brix Finance GmbH

    Brix is re-inventing private pensions plans and making them attractive for today’s generation. With the first peer-backed security buffer, Brix offers a simple user experience, complete flexibility around contributions and withdrawals and provides peace of mind by insuring no losses when retiring.


    Brix Finance GmbH 
    Wattstr. 11, c/o Ahoy! 
    13355 Berlin, Germany  
    49 17 13 11 67 52 7 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Lara Hämmerle

    Mark Jäger

  • Bundesverband Musiktechnologie
    Bundesverband Musiktechnologie Deutschland.png

    MusicTech Germany, the independent Federal Association of Music Technology in Germany represents the common interests of hardware, software and service-providers in the field of music-technology in Germany. We improve the creative environment and underlying infrastructure to foster innovation through collaboration between music tech pioneers. 

    Bundesverband Musiktechnologie Deutschland e.V.  
    Knaackstraße 8 
    10405 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 16 07 54 26 39 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Matthias Strobel 

    Claudia Schwarz

  • Burning Ostrich Media
    Burning Ostrich Media.png

    Based in Stuttgart & Berlin, Germany, we are a highly flexible collective of media & creative specialists with friends, clients and partners in Europa, the Americas and Asia, offering media & creative consulting for project management, development and/or ventures and entertainment products, furthermore media production and think tank services.


    Burning Ostrich Media 
    Lehmgrubenstraße 44 
    70188 Stuttgart, Germany 
    +49 15 78 09 27 41 9

    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Robin Treier 

    Thay Putra

  • CEBIT by Deutsche Messe AG

    At CEBIT 2018, everything is geared to generating business, leads and bright ideas. With its exhibitor displays, expert conferences and prime networking opportunities, CEBIT is a triple-punch event covering everything essential to the digitization of business, government and society.  


    CEBIT by Deutsche Messe AG 
    30521 Hannover, Germany 
    +49 511 89-0


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Hartwig von Sass  

    Marius Felzmann

  • Chasing Carrots GmbH & Co. KG
    Chasing Carrots.png

    Chasing Carrots is an independent game development studio based in Stuttgart, Germany. Our recipe is simple: We develop delicious game creations that have a unique look and feel paired with innovative mechanics, for PC, consoles and mobile devices.  


    Chasing Carrots GmbH & Co. KG 
    Hornbergstr. 94 
    70188 Stuttgart, Germany 
    +49 71 16 45 19 35 2 


    Contact person at SXSW:  
    Josef Vorbeck

  • City of Cologne

    Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and the largest city in NRW as part of the Rhine-Ruhr region with more than 10 million inhabitants. The Cologne Cathedral is a world cultural heritage site and an attraction for tourists from around the world.


    City of Cologne 
    Willy- Brandt Platz 2 
    50679 Köln, Germany 
    +49 17 15 39 12 26 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Roland Berger 

  • coma AG

    The coma AG is a digital agency with 3 specialized units based in Munich. comaBUZZ represents social campaigning , social media, content marketing and influencer relations. comaUXD consults its clients concerning User-Experience in websites and apps. comaDEV is specialized in web mobile development and in technical system consulting. 


    coma AG 
    Hogenbergstrasse 20 
    80686 Munich, Germany 
    +49 89 18 94 57 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    André Gebel 

    Martin Kirmaier

  • Convent Kongresse GmbH

    Convent Kongresse GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of ZEIT Publishing Group, publisher of Germany’s leading weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and ZEIT Online. With over 20 years of experience in the market, Convent manages the brand “ZEIT Events” and is among Germany’s top conference companies.


    Convent Kongresse GmbH -  
    A Company of ZEIT Publishing Group

    Senckenberganlage 10-12 
    60325 Frankfurt, Germany
    0049 69 79 40 95 64 


    Contact person at SXSW:  
    Oliver Bock

  • Creative Europe Desk Hamburg
    creative europe desk_ghhp.jpg

    Creative Europe Desks are the information offices of the Creative Europe MEDIA Program of the European Union which supports the film and audiovisual industries in the EU and beyond. There’s funding for producers, distributors, film festivals, film markets, training initiatives and much more.


    Creative Europe Desk Hamburg 
    Friedensallee 14-16 
    22765 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 17 81 70 09 39 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Britta Erich


    CREATIVE.NRW is the network for the 340.000 creative professionals in Germany’s largest state, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). As a center of expertise, we serve employees, companies, freelancers, institutions, and municipalities and build bridges between the creative industries and other sectors.


    CREATIVE.NRW - Competence Center for the Creative Industries
    c/o Startplatz
    Im Mediapark 5
    50670 Cologne, Germany
    +49 (0)2 21 17 73 33 50 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Claudia Jericho 

  • Cyber Innovation Hub der Bundeswehr
    Cyber Innovation Hub.png

    Der Cyber Innovation Hub ist der Brückenkopf der Bundeswehr ins Startup-Ökosystem. Innovationen von Starups sollen gezielt für den Einsatz in der Bundeswehr beschafft werden und die Startups sollen durch die Umsätze wettbewerbsfähig gemacht werden.


    Cyber Innovation Hub der Bundeswehr
    Franklinstraße 10
    10587 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 17 54 25 14 28 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Florian Busch-Janser

  • Daimler - smart
    daimler smart.png

    smart has always been more than just a car, continuously revolutionizing urban mobility. Its radical car concepts in combination with innovative services make city life easier and more joyful. The future of smart is electrifying: Visit smart at Hilton hotel or Palm park to learn more about our forward thinking ideas.


    Daimler - smart
    Leibnizstr. 2 
    71032 Böblingen, Germany 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sarah Kantschar

    Nadja Pohle

  • Deutsche Tele Medien GmbH

    Deutsche Tele Medien is enabling small and mid sizes companies to get digital. Bringing them online, devolving a digital lead generation campaign and offerings SaaS services such as worldwide listings, office and appointment software etc.


    Deutsche Tele Medien GmbH 
    Wiesenhuetten Str. 18
    Frankfurt 60329, Germany 
    +49 692 6826000[nbsp]


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Ben Broshi

  • Deutsche Telekom AG
    Telekom rosa Hintergrund.png

    Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies. We provide fixed-network/broadband, mobile communications, Internet and IPTV products and services for consumers, and information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for business and corporate customers. 

    Deutsche Telekom AG 
    Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140  
    53113 Bonn, Germany 
    +40 22 81 81 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Cem Ergün-Müller 

    Johannes Winkelhage

  • Deutschland Business Briefing (de.bus) Ltd
    Deutschland Busines Briefing.png

    de.bus offers hyperlocal, digital business news. We keep business executives and entrepreneurs posted about events, innovations and new start-ups in their local area. We provide weekly news bulletins, bi-weekly entrepreneur portraits, an event calendar and organise high-profile networking events.


    Deutschland Business Briefing (de.bus) Ltd under incorporation 
    Julius-Hatry-Str. 1 
    68163 Mannheim, Germany 
    +49 17 26 25 08 96 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Oliver Bruemmer

  • DevilDuck Records
    Devil Duck.png

    DevilDuck Records is an boutique label which was established in 2004 and the headquarter is based in Hamburg. We're working especially with bands from USA, Canada and Scandinavia and our focus genres are "indie", folk, indie-rock, indie-pop, singer/songwriter. 


    DevilDuck Records
    Schwenckestr. 68
    20255 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 17 99 11 71 41 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Joerg Tresp

  • dgroup / Accenture GmbH

    dgroup is a leading consultancy for digital transformation in Germany and part of Accenture. We bring together all the strategic, creative and technology capabilities, the comprehensive experience and the entrepreneurial mindset needed to transform our clients’ businesses in the digital world.


    Accenture GmbH/dgroup
    Schwerinstraße 22
    40477 Düsseldorf, Germany
    +49 21 14 95 54 60


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Olaf Rotax 

    David Felsmann

  • Digital Devotion Group GmbH
    Digital Devotion Group.png

    Digital Devotion Group (DDG) is the ultimate ecosystem for Virtual, Mixed, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. We develop own products such as our ZREALITY platform. Apart from that, we identify, prototype and incubate technologies to new companies.


    Digital Devotion Group GmbH 
    Lutrinastr. 2-4 
    67655 Kaiserslautern, Germany 
    +49 63 13 43 59 10 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Alexander Fridhi

  • Digital Hessen

    “Digital Hessen” is an initiative organized by the technology department at Hessen Trade and Invest. It aims at enhancing the quality of life and the sustainability of development through digitization. Facilitating the exchange of information and the establishment of networks within the digital sector as well as across various industries also contributes to achieving this aim.

    Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH / Digitales Hessen
    Konradinerallee 9
    65189 Wiesbaden
    +49 611 950 17 85

  • dropout GmbH

    dropout films is a creative collective of writers, filmmakers, designers, digital artists and computer nerds based in Germany. We steer boats and drones, fly planes and helicopters and would even ride deers or hippos if necessary. So: Make good catch! 


    dropout GmbH  
    Fischtorplatz 15 
    55116 Mainz, Germany 
    +49 06 13 19 30 47 3 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Daniel Seideneder 

  • E.ON SE

    E.ON is an international, privately owned energy supplier. We are focused on renewables, energy networks and customer solutions. Our business is built on these foundations, because we believe that they are the building blocks of the new energy world.  


    E.ON SE 
    Georg-Brauchle-Ring 54 
    80992 München, Germany 
    +49 16 03 67 54 83 

  • Edenspiekermann AG

    Edenspiekermann is a global design and consulting firm driven by brand, content and technology. 125 people in Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Singapore create digital products, brands and service experiences that help businesses, organizations and people thrive in a digital world. 


    Edenspiekermann AG 
    Potsdamer Straße 83 
    10785 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 21 28 08 0  


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Christian Hanke

    Michael Wiesemann

  • Effektrausch

    Hi, we are Sandra Hofmann and Katharina Gless. Together we run a studio for design and communication in Leipzig. For us, everything is about human stories. We are into the field of employer branding, image campaigns and innovative tools for storytelling.  


    Effektrausch (rauschundrausch GbR) 
    Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64a 
    04229 Leipzig, Germany 
    +49 17 66 20 28 86 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sandra Hofmann

    Katharina Gleß

  • Ehoch2 GmbH

    We are a digital & partnership shop, supporting brands to understand where the attention of their target audience in the digital and social media landscape is, how to deliver value and how to interact with them. We create brand partnership projects based on a coop content and communication strategy. 


    Ehoch2 GmbH 
    Holzstrasse 6 
    80469 Munich, Germany 
    +49 15 14 19 28 32 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Timu Einemann

  • elbkind GmbH

    elbkind is a communication agency with offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. Our work revolves around all things digital, we spark conversations, trigger recommendations and raise awareness. We lead our clients through the digital jungle with competence and a down-to-earth attitude and support them every step of the way. 


    elbkind GmbH
    Palmaille 33
    22767 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 40 43 28 24 70


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Tobias Spörer

    Silja Harm

  • Encoding Management Service - EMS GmbH
    Encoding Management Service- EMS Gmbh.png

    EMS offers superior digital logistic solutions to power the complete technical side of your media distribution business. From metadata management to quality assurance and timely delivery to your retail partners worldwide, your are in control of all aspects, including sales analytics.  


    EMS GmbH
    Bismarckstrasse 48a 
    51373 Leverkusen, Germany 
    +49 21 48 92 21 90


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Marc Radermacher 

    Irmin Wiechmann

  • Endemol Shine Beyond Germany GmbH
    EndemolShine beyond ESB.png

    Endemol Shine Beyond is a digital content Powerhouse with clients like COKE, OTTO, AMEX, ALDI SÜD, Warsteiner, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. WE OWN, WE BUILD, WE CREATE & DEVELOP, WE ORCHESTRATE & BOOST, WE DELIVER. WE MAKE OUR PARTNERS & CUSTOMERS SUCCESSFUL. 


    Endemol Shine Beyond Germany GmbH 
    Am Coloneum 3-7 
    50829 Köln, Germany 
    +49 22 16 50 30 49 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Kollatschny

  • evenson GmbH

    We are a consultancy for navigating a world of transformation and disruption. We find out what makes progress happen and how to best facilitate it. Our Products: - New Mobility World - change management for digitization - rebranding for millennials - community and network building - project management.


    evenson GmbH 
    WeWork Sony Center, Kemperplatz 1 
    10785 Berlin, Germany  
    +49 30 72 62 19 95 1 


    Contact peson at SXSW:
    Dirk O. Evenson

    David Hanke

  • Federal Ministry of Defence

    With over 250.000 people serving in the Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces) it is one of the biggest employers in Germany. They have to recruit around 25.000 people every year and have been doing it successfully with Youtube formats, Spotify and Chatbots. 


    Federal Ministry of Defence  
    Stauffenbergstraße 18
    10785 Berlin, Germany


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dirk Feldhaus

  • Filmtank GmbH

    Filmtank is always building new bridges. Curiosity, daring and international experience are our armaments in the world of storytelling. We interweave high-quality, international documentary films for cinema, TV, web and mobile formats, virtual reality and installations to cross-media experiences. 


    Filmtank GmbH 
    Reichenberger Strasse 88 
    10999 Berlin, Germany 
    0049 30 58 58 37 53 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Grotenoff 

  • fischerAppelt AG

    We believe that communication has to be useful or entertaining to benefit people. We don’t want to force attention but earn it. Creative content at the core is, what makes fischerAppelt a leading agency group in Germany with further offices in North America and the Middle East. 


    fischerAppelt AG
    Waterloohain 5 
    22769 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 40 89 96 99 0


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Benjamin Werner 

    Valerie Brockmann

  • Four Artists Booking Agentur Ltd.
    four artists.png

    Four Artists is a worldwide operating booking agency for music artists. The company is based in Berlin, Germany and is working for more than 300 artists as agents or promoters. The most successfull acts are Die Fantastischen Vier, Seeed, Marteria, Clueso, Wanda, Kontra K, The Lumineers, Scooter, Freundeskreis, David Guetta, Fritz Kalkbrenner and many more. 


    Four Artists Booking Agentur Ltd. 
    Mehringdamm 53-55 
    10961 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 34 66 30 83 2 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Henning Ahrens

    Michael Sand

  • Four Music Productions GmbH
    Four music.png

    Four Music is a German Sony Music urban label based in Berlin. It combines indie thinking whilst having major muscles and includes diverse musical genres. Four Music working and breaking some of the biggest German domestic acts as well as international acts such as Hurts, Nneka, Wankelmut and Kelvin Jones. 


    Four Music Productions GmbH 
    Schlegelstr. 26 B 
    10115 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 13 88 87 74 4 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Michael Stockum 

    Max Fellner

  • Fraunhofer Institute
    Fraunhofer IDMT.png

    Fraunhofer IDMT is doing applied research in the field of audio-visual media and is development partner for international digital media industries. One of the main research topics is the object based spatial sound reproduction. The institute is headed by mp3-co-inventor Karlheinz Brandenburg. 


    Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT 
    Ehrenbergstraße 31 
    98693 Ilmenau, Germany 
    +49 36 77 46 70 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    René Rodigast

  • Free State of Saxony
    Free State of Saxony.png

    In Saxony dreams and ideas are transformed into innovations that make our world a better place. Saxony is the land of inventors. Thanks to an outstanding research excellence and a vibrant start-up scene, we are constantly investing in our future. 


    Free State of Saxony 
    State Chancellery of Saxony 
    01095 Dresden, Germany 
    +49 35 15 64 0


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Frank Wend 

    Claudius Rokosch


    FTR4H (Future for Health) is powered in partnership by Messe Düsseldorf and is an international platform driving the digital health ecosystem, exploring how digital transformation (mobile, IoT, data) affects the healthcare industry. 


    Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61 
    40474 Duesseldorf, Germany 
    +1 31 26 21 58 32 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Tom Mitchell  

    Claudio Bucchi

  • futureSAX GmbH

    futureSAX provides the Ecosystem for innovation and growth in the Saxony region of Germany. We make sure that innovators will meet the right people at the right time to scale their business. futureSAX is for both, high-growth companies with a strong market position and high-potential startups. 


    futureSAX GmbH 
    Wilhelm-Buck-Straße 2 
    01097 Dresden, Germany 
    (+49) (03 51) 56 48 38 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Marina Heimann

  • Futurice GmbH

    Futurice is a digital consultancy that designs and creates innovative digital services. They help clients to develop their own business practices and culture to meet the challenges of digital transformation. Futurice employs 450 people in Berlin, Helsinki, London, Munich, Stockholm and Tampere.


    Futurice GmbH 
    Implerstr. 7
    81371 München, Germany 
    +49 17 61 10 17 72 2 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Helmut Scherer 

  • Gamewheel (Artonomy UG)

    Gamewheel is the leading platform for Measurable Premium Interactive Engagement. We have enabled over 3000 Playable Ad campaigns for most forward-thinking brands like Burger King, Disney, Oracle, King and Victoria Secret. Let us take all the risks related to interactive content production & optimization. Just pay for the value you receive! 


    Gamewheel (Artonomy UG) 
    Liebigstr. 1B 
    10247 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 17 19 92 34 59 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Evgeni Kouris

  • Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion Koeln

    Gebrueder beetz filmproduktion (GBF) is one of Europe's leading non-fiction film, TV and cross-media production companies. To date, GBF has produced more than 200 high-quality feature-film documentaries, documentary series and web formats for the international market and productions have won numerous respected awards and nominations (Academy Award®/ International Emmy® Award).


    Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion Koeln GmbH & Co KG 
    Neue Weyerstraße 9 
    50676 Koeln, Germany 
    +49 30 69 56 69 10 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Georg Tschurtschenthaler 

  • Geheimpunkt GmbH
    Geheimpunkt GmbH Kundenschatz.png

    Geheimpunkt invented the first Pay-per-click marketing tool for local stores. It`s called "Kundenschatz" and it generates live contacts to clients at the POS. Kundenschatz drives hundreds of new visitors to stores! Kundenschatz is a lead machine for local stores. 


    Geheimpunkt GmbH 
    Hanomaghof 2 
    30449 Hannover, Germany 
    +49 51 17 00 23 56 1 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniel Pflieger

  • German Auto Labs GAL GmbH
    German Autolabs.png

    German Autolabs is building a digital assistant for drivers, which will make access to apps and services while on the road safe and convenient. The combination of software with a retrofit hardware device democratizes the latest connected car technology - making it accessible to everyone. 


    German Auto Labs GAL GmbH 
    Köpenicker Straße 154a 
    10997 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 12 08 51 99


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Holger G. Weiss 

    Daniel Mieves

  • German Center for Research & Innovation
    German Center for Research and Innovation .png

    The GCRI facilitates transatlantic collaboration by bringing together leaders in science, the humanities, and technology. The GCRI provides a platform to foster creativity and enhance innovation in a rapidly changing world. 


    German Center for Research and Innovation, New York 
    871 UN Plaza 
     NY 10017, USA
    +1 21 23 39 86 80


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Gerrit Roessler

  • Germany Trade & Invest GmbH
    Germany Trade und Invest.png

    Germany Trade & Invest is the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. We provide information about investment opportunities in Germany. Within the Digital Hub Initiative, we link digital startups with a broad network of corporates, SMEs and research institutions in Germany. 


    Germany Trade & Invest GmbH 
    Friedrichstraße 60 
    10117 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 20 00 99 45 6 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Dörte Schütz 

    Josefina Nungesser

  • Groovecat | elceedee UG
    Groove Cat.png

    Groovecat combines every photo/video shot in the app with the music currently playing from the device. It allows users to capture and share their Music Moments – when music and situation fit perfectly together – and artists to lead fans directly to their music without losing the engaging momentum of original content in social media.


    Groovecat | elceedee UG 
    Badenweiler Str. 4 
    68239 Mannheim, Germany 
    0049 17 63 28 57 99 3 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Joshua Weikert 

  • Hamburg Marketing GmbH
    Hamburg Marketing GmbH.png

    Hamburg Marketing promotes the City of Hamburg. Innovation, Start-ups and the Music Industry play a major role in the city’s DNA. Hamburg is a beautiful and green city on the waterfront with some 5 million inhabitants. It’s an old trade city as well as a creative industries hub - and one of the most dynamic business regions of all Europe. 


    Hamburg Marketing GmbH 
    Wexstrasse 7 
    20355 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 17 07 92 74 9 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Johannes Everke 

  • Hamburg Music Business Association
    IHM en.png

    The IHM is the network of the music business in Hamburg, representing enterprises in all branches of the music industry. Its main target is to support and help shaping the city of Hamburg as a location of music and music industry by means of networking, public relations and lobbying.


    Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) 
    Neuer Pferdemarkt 1 
    20359  Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 43 17 95 92 9 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Timotheus Wiesmann 

    Norman Müller

  • Hamburg Startups - HHS Net UG
    hamburg startups_ghhp.jpg

    Hamburg Startups is the leading startup platform of Hamburg and is committed to effective networking and representation in the startup scene.  Alongside a variety of unusual event formats, such as Startups@Reeperbahn, the  founders created the German StartupSpot which gives a representation of all German startups. 


    Hamburg Startups - HHS Net UG  
    Hamburger Straße 182 
    22083 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 17 18 35 24 19


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Sanja Stankovic 

    Mathias Jäger

  • HearDis! GmbH

    HearDis! is a full service provider of corporate sound founded in 2005. Our teams in Berlin and Stuttgart consist of 21 specialists that conceive, plan and implement your sonic brand communication. Since the beginning of 2016, HearDis! takes part in the Europe-wide project ABC_DJ. 


    HearDis! GmbH 
    Christinenstrasse 22
    10119 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 22 50 27 78 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Robin Hofmann 

  • Hessen Ministry of Economics

    The Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development helps to stimulate diversification within the Hessian economy. It does so by promoting its innovative and competitive strength and by providing a favorable business environment.

    Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport
    and Regional Development
    Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 75
    65185 Wiesbaden, Germany
    +49 611 8150


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Rolf Krämer

  • Hessen Trade & Invest

    Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH implements the economic development policies of the State of Hessen. It thus advocates and strengthens Hessen as a national and international hub for economic and technological progress. Together with representatives from industry, science and government, we work as a catalyst for paving the way to a prosperous future for Hessen and its economy.

    Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH
    Konradinerallee 9
    65189 Wiesbaden
    +49 611 950 17 85

  • HolodeckVR GmbH
    HoloDeck VR.png

    Worlds. Together. The planet’s most advanced free-roam XR tracking solution for massive multi-user worlds. Our Holodecks are disrupting the way we interact in an unprecedented large-scale, multi-user, multi-realities environment. Creating better realities. 


    HolodeckVR GmbH 
    Kaufingerstr. 15 
    80331 Munich, Germany
    +49 17 55 52 15 87 

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Florian Carls

    Jonathan Nowak

    Infected GmbH.png

    WE CREATE COMPUTER GENERATED EXPERIENCES - From concept to design to digital production.Weither you seek for photo-realistic full-CG commercials, a concept for a social media campaign or a immersive VR/AR experience. We look forward to collaborate with your team! Stay curious!


    Neuer Pferdemarkt 23 
    20359 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 40 53 30 74 50 


    contact person at SXSW:
    Henning Westerwelle

  • Initiative Musik gGmbH
    ini musik_ghhp.jpg

    Initiative Musik is the central funding agency and export office for rock, pop and jazz in Germany. It makes financial support available to up-and-coming musicians based in Germany who are looking to gain broader access to national and international markets. 


    Initiative Musik gGmbH 
    Friedrichstr. 122  
    10117 Berlin
, Germany 
    +49 30 53 14 75 45 0


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Anna Blaich

    Claudia Schwarz

    Ina Keßler

    Mike.P. Heisel 

  • innogy SE
    Innogy SE.png

    innogy SE is Germany’s leading energy company, with €44 billion revenue (2016), 40,000 employees and activities in 16 European countries. Its 3 business segments Grid & Infrastructure, Retail and Renewables address the requirements of a modern, decarbonised, decentralised and digital energy world. 


    innogy SE 
    Opernplatz 1 
    45128 Essen, Germany 
    +49 20 11 20 2 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Anna-Christina Komp

    Thilo Meyer

  • Inspirient GmbH
    Inspirient GmbH.png

    Inspirient industrializes the key capability of the digital economy – we use AI to automate business analytics, end-to-end, from raw data to presentation-ready management slides.  We enable our clients to quickly and easily find relevant insights in their business data – no technical skill required.


    Inspirient GmbH
    Haderslebener Straße 9, Profund Innovation
    12163 Berlin, Germany
    +49 (0)3 0  20 07 48 20 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Georg Wittenburg 

    Guillaume Aimetti

  • Invest in Bavaria
    Invest in Bavaria .png

    Invest in Bavaria is the business promotion agency of Germany's largest state, Bavaria. Our teams in San Francisco, NYC & Boston support companies interested in gaining traction in Europe. With its capital, Munich, Bavaria boasts an excellent reputation as a top tech location in the heart of Europe. 


    Invest in Bavaria 
    Prinzregentenstr. 22 
    80538 Munich, Germany 
    +49 89 24 21 07 50 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Antonia Zierer

    James Mister 

  • iSQI GmbH

    The International Software Quality Institute is a leading provider of certification examinations. iSQI certifies the know-how of IT professionals in over 100 countries. The Highfive Academy, a subsidiary of iSQI, offers e-learnings on future oriented topics including a certification exam to proof your expertise and to stand out from the crowd.


    iSQI GmbH
    Friedrich-Engels-Str. 24
    14473 Potsdam, Germany
    +49 33 12 31 81 05 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Stella Szymber

    Agustina Gay 

  • Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt
    Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Jahrhunderthalle.png

    Designed by Friedrich W. Krämer and completed in 1963, this cultural and conference venue is situated in Frankfurt. Since then the stage is graced by famous rock stars, great musicals and comedians, shareholder meetings, company presentations and incentive events.  “One house - all possibilities”.


    Kultur- und Kongresszentrum  Jahrhunderthalle GmbH
    Pfaffenwiese 3014
    65929 Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
    +49 (0)6 93 60 12 36


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Julia Mücke

    Nadine Deutscher

  • Jan Lingemann & Partner
    JanLingemann Partner.png

    Focus: Digital Media - Portfolio: Market intelligence, Strategy consulting, Content development, Change management, Business networking - International network of media experts, academics and producers - Based in Cologne & Berlin.


    Jan Lingemann & Partner 
    Moltkestraße 91-95 
    50674 Cologne, Germany
    0049 15 14 01 20 64 9

    Website under construction


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jan Lingemann

  • k-production GmbH

    k-production is an Agency builder and highly customized content marketing production company owning some of the leading marketing agencies in Germany. Management consultancy: content, strategy-, marketing- and operational- solutions. Feel free to contact us for a chat about cooperation possibilities. 


    k-production GmbH
    Garbenpfad 9
    12683 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 74 07 61 15 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jan Kutschera

  • KEMWEB Digitalagentur
    KemWeb Digitalagentur .png

    We develop innovative solutions for a digital context. We produce applications and platforms, content and film. We help our customers succeed in a digital world. We are 30 colleagues, based in Mainz/Germany, since 1998. We create websites, mobile apps, VR/AR, films and online marketing campaigns.


    KEMWEB Digitalagentur GmbH & Co. KG 
    Elbestr. 40
    55122 Mainz, Germany
    +49 61 31 93 00 00


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Oliver Kemmann

    Malte Sudendorf 

  • Ketchum Pleon GmbH
    Ketchum Pleon GmbH.png

    Ketchum Pleon is among the leading Germany communications agencies, specialized in corporate communications, public affairs, change, healthcare, campaigning, digital, brand and sales communications – with seven offices in Germany and more than 100 offices in 70 countries worldwide. 


    Ketchum Pleon GmbH 
    Bahnstr. 2  
     40212 Duesseldorf, Germany 
    +49 21 19 54 12 11 1 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Frederik Tautz

    Claudius Rokosch

  • Kingstar GmbH

    Kingstar GmbH is a Hamburg, Berlin & Münster based agency working as: 1. Booking agency (i.e. Broilers,187 Strassenbande, Kadavar,  Heaven Shall Burn, Mine).2. Festival promoter (i.e. Vainstream Rockfest) 3. National promoter (i.e. United Talent, Xray).4. Local promoter (i.e. Macklemore, Kraftklub). 


    Kingstar GmbH 
    Kampstr. 4 
    20357 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 68 89 15 22 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Timo Birth

    Thomas Respondek 

  • Kolle Rebbe GmbH

    Kolle Rebbe, quite simply, believes in common sense. The independent agency is one of the top creative agencies in Germany. They conduct business with entrepreneurial intelligence – capitalizing on a cooperative, interdisciplinary approach and transcending boundaries of culture and media.


    Kolle Rebbe GmbH
    Dienerreihe 2
    20457 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 40 32 54 23 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christian Rentschler

  • KOMMA-D GmbH
    Komma d GmbH.png

    KOMMA-D Agentur für digitale Medien. Wir verbinden Design und Technologie zu Online-Shops & mobile Apps. E-Commerce, Apps, Voice User Interfaces, UI/UX Design, Automotive Interfaces, Online Marketing. 


    KOMMA-D GmbH 
    Milchstrasse 23 
    85049 Ingolstadt, Germany 
    08 41 12 94 76 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Rainer Weber 

  • Konstantin Landuris Studio
    Konstantin Landuris.png

    Konstantin Landuris Studio develops art projects as well as industrial products, furniture, lighting and interior architecture for companies as the German Aerospace, Bernhardt Design USA, Mini BMW Group etc. His conceptual design demands a high standard of sustainable usability and use of material. His futuristic aesthetics are inspired by the world of aerospace and space travel. 


    Konstantin Landuris Studio
    Feldmochinger Strasse 7, Poolhouse
    80992 Munich, Germany 
    +49 17 77 35 12 60 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Konstantin Landuris

  • Kontextlab GmbH

    We offer a software (SaaS) that visually displays content in knowledge-maps and makes it playfully and easily accessible. The software is web based, responsive, interactive and allows to delve deeper into topics by zooming and panning. The user goes on a journey through multimedia content.


    Kontextlab GmbH 
    Buttermelcherstraße 16 
    80469 München, Germany 
    +49 17 28 18 50 12 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Julia Köberlein

    Bernhard Scholz

  • Kontor New Media GmbH
    Kontor New Media GmbH.png

    Kontor New Media is an Agregator / Digital Distribition company for music and video (Movie, TV) content. We are also a YouTube MCN. We are working global and have more then 1.200 licensers around the globe.


    Kontor New Media GmbH
    Neumuehlen 17
    22763 Hamburg, Germany 
    0049 40 64 69 05 10


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Pohl

  • Kreative Kommunika- tionskonzepte
    Kreative Kommunikationskonzepte GmbH.png

    Our mission is to translate your stories and messages into moving images. Not only do we produce professional videos, we develop creative communication concepts and strategies that effectively showcase your products and stories in 360 degree videos and augmented, mixed and virtual reality.


    Kreative KommunikationsKonzepte GmbH 
    Katernberger Strasse 107 
    45327 Essen, Germany 
    +49 20 12 46 82 70 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Achim Hepp

  • LAVAlabs moving images GmbH & Co. KG

    LAVAlabs Moving Images is an innovative and creative studio for film, visual effects, animation and motion graphics with offices in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Berlin. We offer state-of-the-art VFX, 3D animation, motion design and product visualization for feature films, digital media and interactive installations.


    LAVAlabs moving images GmbH & Co. KG
    Ackerstraße 11
    40233 Düsseldorf, Germany 
    +49 21 12 47 97 90 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Brink

    Lean Bakery GmbH.png

    LEAN BAKERY designs & crafts digital products and companies. Our services include prototyping, development and consulting. Do you have a crazy idea you want us to build or need a sparring partner for your next digital product? Drop us a line, let’s grab a beer and innovate.


    Grafinger Street 6, WERK1
    81671 München, Germany 
    +49 17 62 31 11 14 7 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Florian Bergmann

    Matthias Lamm

  • Leankoala UG
    Leankoala Web.png

    Leankoala is the new standard for web testing and monitoring for organizations that seek to successfully shape their digital transformation. The innovative software is contributing to a lean and purpose oriented realization of crucial innovation projects while maintaining high quality standards and increasing team productivity. The Hamburg, Germany based startup was founded by Stefanie and Nils Langner in 2016, leveraging their joint experience of more than 30 years in web development, quality management and business development. 

    Leankoala UG
    Quellenweg 4 
    20535 Hamburg,  Germany 
    +49 40 57 24 87 64


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Martina Rohr


  • Lemonize GmbH
    lemonize GmbH.png

    LEMONIZE IS READY FOR YOUR DIGITAL CHALLENGES We implement innovative and scalable web solutions and applications, online product configurators as well as mobile apps. We rely on modern technologies, our long-term expertise and consult you holistically.


    Lemonize GmbH
    Platzgasse 8
    89182 Bernstadt, Germany 
    +49 73 48 96 89 86 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jens Kolb  

  • Live Nation GmbH
    Live Nation.png

    Live Nation Entertainment is the world’s leading live entertainment and eCommerce company. Live Nation Concerts produces over 20,000 shows annually for more than 2,000 artists globally. Front Line is the world’s top artist management company, representing over 250 artists. 


    Live Nation GmbH 
    Chausseestrasse 1 
    10115 Berlin, Germany 
    0049 30 20 96 67 70 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Marc Seemann

    Ioannis Panagopoulos

  • livyu

     livyu is the next level platform for high quality Pay Per View concert streams, available live, on demand, in 360° and in livyu's very own virtual reality concert hall. Our streams offer worldwide access to live concerts, that fans would otherwise miss. Sold out shows, expensive tickets, long travels or impossible schedules are of no concern anymore.


    livyu GmbH
    Bahnhofstraße 5
    67722 Winnweiler
    +49 6302 689 86 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sebastian Knoll

  • Mainzer Stadtwerke AG
    Mainzer Stadtwerke .png

    The Mainzer Stadtwerke group of companies provides the Mainz region - around 510.000 people -  with electricity, gas, drinking water, heating, public mobility and technical services. The Mainzer Netze GmbH operates the necessary networks. Sole shareholder of Mainzer Stadtwerke is the city of Mainz. 


    Mainzer Stadtwerke AG
    Rheinallee 41 
    55118 Mainz, Germany 
    0049 (0)6 13 11 26 02 1 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dr. Tobias Brosze 

  • Make.TV

    Make.TV enables broadcasters and publishers in the fields of News, Sports, eSports and Entertainment to curate, route and distribute live video from mobiles, pro-devices and online sources to local infrastructures, CDNs and streaming platforms.


    Make.TV (SMT - Streaming Media Technologies GmbH)
    Im MediaPark 5b
    50670 Köln, Germany


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Mirta Gilson

  • mantro GmbH
    mantro GmbH.png

    As company builder we partner with large corporations to foster the acceleration, incubation and scale of digital initiatives and substantial business models. This mean we combine core competences from start-ups and corporates with the spirit of entrepreneurs in a fast-growing portfolio of 500 projects and 15 ventures.


    mantro GmbH 
    Zielstattstr. 19 
    81379 München, Germany 
    +49 89 41 61 77 00


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Markus Ortmann

    Jenni Schwanenberg


  • Marble AR
    marble AR.png

    Marble brings Augmented Reality into live music experiences. With Marble’s AR toolbox, artists can form a closer connection with their audience and create interactive, visual experiences never before possible.


    Marble AR 
    Amalienstrasse 2
    76646 Bruchsal, Germany
    +49 15 78 45 82 53 2


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Tom Brückner

    Paul Wehner

  • Markus Gardian Booking GmbH
    Markus Gardian Booking GmbH.png

    Local Promoter in Frankfurt since 1993. Dramaturg and curator at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm since 2001. He is mainly responsible for music and literature, interdisciplinary formats and the open air festival „Summer in the city“. Besides he has been organizing many concerts and lectures in different venues in Frankfurt and environment, nearly 5000, since 1994.


    Markus Gardian Booking GmbH
    Am Stock 16 - 18
    61118 Bad Vilbel, Germany 
    +49 61 01 40 66 36 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Markus Gardian 

  • Matthias Leitner
    Matthias Leitner.png

    I'm an author, director and digital storyteller. I`m managing the storytelling lab story:first and I`m developing media innovations like the #callforpodcast. In 2017, I was appointed a fellow by the federal cultural and creative industries in germany.


    Matthias Leitner 
    St.-Martin-Straße 21
    81541 München, Germany 
    +49 17 84 98 57 00 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Matthias Leitner 

  • Media Lab Bayern

    Media Lab is an incubator for ideas in digital journalism, located in Munich, Germany. The Lab supports media startups to build digital products and helps media companies with their innovation processes and projects.


    Media Lab Bayern
    Rosenheimer Straße 145c
    81671 Munich, Germany 
    +49 89 63 80 80


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lina Timm

  • MediaApes GmbH

    MediaApes is an German audio company which builds, licences and produces 360° worlds with the best technology. 360° Audio: technology licensing & production for VR/AR/MR Binaural audio (Headphone 3D) for streaming & productions BMG co-publishing writing & production in stereo & object based audio (360°)


    MediaApes GmbH 
    Friedrichstraße 36 
    67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany
    +49 63 21 99 91 82 3 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sebastian Gsuck

    Nûjîn Kartal

  • mediaman GmbH
    mediaman GmbH.png

    At our locations in Mainz, Stuttgart, Shanghai and Boston we develop, validate, and realize digital business projects. From digital strategy to product rollout, from consumer web shops to back-office applications. For large corporations, mid-size companies and startups, worldwide.


    mediaman GmbH 
    Quintinsstr. 16 
    55116 Mainz, Germany 
    +49 61 31 21 20 0


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Gerold Hinzen

    Carsten Sandtner

  • mediendesign AG

    mediendesign creates and develops interactive media. We are specialized in ux design, software engineering and online marketing. Designers and engineers work closely together to accomplish results with great user experience. 


    mediendesign AG 
    Bartholomäusstr. 26 
    90489 Nürnberg, Germany 
    +49 91 13 93 60 0


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jörg Meier

    Rolf Thoma

  • MedienNetzwerk Bayern | BLM
    Medien Netwerk Bayern .png

    MedienNetzwerk Bayern (Bavarian Media Network) is a business development initiative designed to foster the media industry in Bavaria. MedienNetzwerk’s main tasks include encouraging networking both within the media industry as well as with other industries, but also tracking the most important developments in the Bavarian media sector.


    MedienNetzwerk Bayern | BLM 
    Rosenheimer Str. 145e 
    81671 München, Germany 
    +49 17 06 80 65 9 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Benjamin Eimannsberger 

  • Medientage München
    Medientage Muenchen.png

    The MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN have developed into one of the leading media industry events in Europe. It is organized by the MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN GmbH which aims to create platforms to meet the convergence of media and technology with life, to establish networks and to stimulate media innovation.


    Medientage München 
    Rosenheimer Straße 145e 
    81671 München, Germany 
    +49 89 68 99 92 40 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jacqueline Hoffmann

  • Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH

    Mimi Hearing Technologies - The new Standard in Personalized Audio - Like glasses for your ears, Mimi delivers a disruptive & better-sounding audio experience, tailored to each individual’s unique hearing ability. 


    Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH 
    Neue Schönhauser Straße 19 
    10178 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 92 27 60 88  


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Bernd Kopin


    Philipp Skribanowitz 

  • MOHA

    MOHA is a video production company based in Stuttgart. We create works that span across disciplines and realize corporate videos, documentaries, motion design and music videos. Our passion for great concepts and imagery helps us to create progressive and effective visual communication.


    Spittastrasse 6 
    70193 Stuttgart, Germany 
    +49 17 68 20 35 75 2 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Moritz Hahn 

  • Morr Music
    Morr Music.png

    Morr Music merges electronic and indie musical disciplines that many consider the label to have invented its own genre. Its roster is certainly a testament to this fact - the likes of Sóley, Lali Puna, Múm, Spirit Fest, Sequoyah Tiger, Isan, Sin Fang, Slow Steve, Seabear, Masha Qrella, FM Belfast, Pascal Pinon or B.Fleischmann making for an impeccable roster. 


    Morr Music
    Anklamer Strasse 30
    10115 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 44 04 47 30 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Jürgen Söder 

  • MPM - Media Process Management GmbH

    We are re-thinking communication. To help companies reach their goals in a digitally networked world, we combine what belongs together: corporate communications and publishing resource management. For creativity that makes messages relevant. For technology that makes communication easy.


    MPM Corporate Communication Solutions 
    Untere Zahlbacher Str. 13 
    55131 Mainz, Germany 
    +49 61 31 95 69 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Philipp Mann

  • MSLGROUP Germany GmbH
    MSL Group Germany GmbH.png

    MSL advises companies and institutions on public relations and reputation issues. The company is part of the MSLGROUP, which is one of the five largest PR networks in the world with around 3,000 employees at over 100 locations. 65 consultants work for MSL in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.  


    MSLGROUP Germany GmbH 
    Leibnizstrasse 65
    10629 Berlin, Germany
    0049 (0)3 08 20 82 50 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Adrian Rosenthal

    Heiko Geibig 

  • Munich Startup

    Munich Startup is the official startup portal for Munich and the surrounding region. It offers an overview about news, events and Munich's ecosystem. The service section provides visitors with practical hints. The portal sheds light on the startup community and encourages networking between entrepreneurs and potential partners, investors and mentors.


    Munich Startup 
    Gollierstraß 70
    80339 München, Germany
    +49 89 54 09 25 39


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Helen Duran 

  • Music Cities Network
    Music Cities Network .png

    MCN is dedicated to improving communication & collaboration between music cities around the world, focusing on research & policy, artist-, business- & city development & publicity. Initiated by Hamburg Music Business Assoc. (IHM) & Sound Diplomacy in 2016. Current members: Aarhus, Hamburg, Groningen, Nantes & Sydney.


    Music Cities Network 
    Neuer Pferdemarkt 1
    20359 Hamburg
    +49 40 43 17 95 92 9


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lene Eckert

  • MusiCards Inh. Peter Rullmann
    Music Cards.png

    MusiCards put streaming music in your hands. Since streaming, our favourite music is no longer an object we buy, cherish, show off or give as a present. MusiCards solve this by letting you create attractive collecting cards that play your albums or playlists with just a tap to your smartphone.


    MusiCards Inh. Peter Rullmann
    Hellwigstr. 9
    66121 Saarbrücken, Germany
    +49 17 93 26 82 30 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Peter Rullmann

  • MVPF Technologies GmbH

    MVP Factory delivers the best software on earth, combining elite engineers, designers and product managers with artificial intelligence on our platform. We enable companies of all sizes to efficiently design, test, build and scale top technology products.


    MVPF Technologies GmbH
    Köpenicker Straße 126
    10179 Berlin, Germany
    +49 15 23 67 20 44 8


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Philipp Petrescu

    Victor Cazacu

  • New Audio Technology GmbH

    New Audio Technology offers software tools and technologies for spatial/3D/immersive and VR/AR/MR audio. Products are the Spatial Audio Designer, Spatial Sound Card, Spatial Audio Game Engine and Lawo Immersive Mixing Engine used e.g. for Expendables, Kraftwerk 3D and 5th Element.


    New Audio Technology GmbH
    Planckstrasse 7
    22767 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 38 61 01 67 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Tom Ammermann

  • next media accelerator GmbH
    next media accelerator GmbH.png

    next media accelerator is the premier hub for media innovation in Europe. We invest in early-stage media startups and help them grow faster by connecting teams to the media-industry. NMA primarily invests in startups from EU and Israel.


    next media accelerator GmbH 
    Eifflerstr. 43
    22769 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 40 64 83 98 85 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Nico Lumma

    nextbook kreativkind .png is a publishing platform which uses technology to connect authors, readers, and resources in an interactive ecosystem in which amazing books can be created and exchanged. Our goal is to develop modern strategies for publishing.

    Aenne-Burda-Weg 22
    69181 Leimen, Germany
    +49 17 25 65 90 74 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Fabian Hober 

  • noisy Musicworld GmbH
    noisy musicworld GmbH.png

    The noisy Musicworld is THE local service provider in Berlin for the music industry. We offer fully equipped rehearsal spaces (on an hourly rent basis), best training for (electronic) music production, you can rent your tour van and backline through us or have us develop and book your music event.


    noisy Musicworld GmbH
    Warschauer Str. 70a
    10243 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 21 23 78 21


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Matthias Strobel

  • Nordisch Filmproduction
    nordisch Filmproduction .png

    We’re a film production company. We develop concepts, we produce and we record. And we bring ideas to life. We’re a well-established team! Editors, writers, producers and narrators. And it’s been that way for 18 years already. Our strong points: TV formats, corporate film, voiceover.


    Nordisch Filmproduction Anderson + Team GmbH
    Lagerstraße 36
    20357 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 43 00 00 00 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Anderson

    Olaf Mollik

  • Nürnberg Web Week
    Nuernberg Web Week 2018.png

    10 days, 40 locations, 100 independent events: Nürnberg Web Week is an annual, week-long festival celebrating Nürnberg’s thriving digital community. Combining technology, business, education and culture, we set the foundation for trendsetting ideas, innovations and creative projects. 


    Nürnberg Web Week
    Hessestraße 5
    90433 Nürnberg, Germany
    +151 22 62 83 07 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Ingo Di Bella

    Nadine Karrasch

  • onehundreddigital GmbH
    onehundred digital GmbH.png

    100% digital - our name keeps what it promises! For more than fifteen years, we have been managing successful online marketing strategies in Berlin, Germany and internationally. Our online marketing consultants in Berlin develop daily individual and modern concepts in order to use the unlimited possibilities of the Internet optimally and performance-oriented.


    onehundreddigital GmbH
    Bergmannstr. 102
    10961 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 61 28 60 10


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Simon Boé

  • Open-Xchange GmbH
    open Xchange.png

    Open-Xchange is the world’s leading provider of open source software-as-a-service, supporting over two billion email accounts and over 200 million App Suite users. By offering a full software stack OX helps global IT businesses deliver innovative and high quality customer experiences.


    Open-Xchange GmbH
    Olper Huette 5 F
    57462 Olpe, Germany
    +49 27 61 83 85 0


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Rafael Laguna 

  • Openers UG

    Openers is part of the Tech Open family next to Tech Open Air and Ahoy! Berlin. Openers provides communications services around innovative matters and helps technology companies to enter new markets and opportunities and connects corporations & brands with the international startup community.


    Openers UG
    Wattstraße 11 @AhoyBerlin
    13355 Berlin, Germany
    +49 16 09 46 62 10 8


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Kerstin Bock

    Carolin Lessoued

  • Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH
    otto bock .png

    All around the world, the Ottobock name stands for high-quality, technologically outstanding products and services. The goal of helping people by restoring their mobility and preserving remaining functions stands behind each and every Ottobock product. The conviction that quality of life is intimately linked to maximum independence has been a strong influence throughout the company’s 90 year history.


    Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH
    Max-Naeder-Strasse 15
    37115 Duderstadt, Germany
    +49 55 27 84 80


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christin Gunkel

    Scott Schneider

  • Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH
    popakademie bw_ghhp.jpg

    The Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg sees itself not just as an institution of higher education but also as a competence center for all aspects of the music industry, underpinning this with numerous projects in the areas of European cooperation, regional development and business development.


    Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH 
    Hafenstrasse 33
    68159 Mannheim, Germany
    0049 62 15 33 97 20 0


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Hubert Wandjo

    Nina Schneider

  • Puschen

    Puschen is a Berlin-based concert promoter and booking agency working with upcoming acts as well as established artists. As a German national promoter we’ve organized tours for Mac DeMarco, Kurt Vile, Kevin Morby, Julien Baker, Destroyer and Waxahatchee, amongst many others. Our European roster includes artists such as Deerhoof, Mount Eerie and Fenster.


    Schlesische Strasse 38
    10997 Berlin, Germany
    +49 (0)3 07 02 25 00 1


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Amande Dagod

  • Quadrolux GmbH

    Quadrolux is an award winning German film production company. We are artists, technologists and makers for all media, working at the frontiers of visual narrative. Specializing on animation, film and event we communicate the corporate identity of companies, brands or TV programmes with maximum power.


    Quadrolux GmbH - Die Agentur für Bewegtbildkommunikation
    Fischtorplatz 11
    55116 Mainz
    +49 6131 3295 950

    Contact Person at SXSW:
    Marcus Stiehl-Bruch



  • Qualitize
    qualitize _contao.png

    Customer feedback made easy! Qualitize is your partner for instant instore analytics. We generate insights in a few seconds via simple touchpad & mobile surveys in real time. We already gained more than 12 million respondents.


    Qualitize GmbH
    Zimmerstraße 38a
    D-22085 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 53799750


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Kathrin Kistner, Founder & Managing Director

    André Kistner, Founder & Managing Director

  • Reeperbahn Festival GbR
    reeperbahn festival_ghhp.jpg

    From 19 – 22 September 2018, the Reeperbahn Festival will present more than 800 events spanning a range of genres in locations around Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Since its debut in 2006, the Reeperbahn Festival has grown to become one of the most important meeting places for the music industry worldwide.


    Reeperbahn Festival GbR
    Neuer Pferdemarkt 1
    20359 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 43 17 95 91 7


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Max Domma

    Evelyn Sieber

  • remote control productions GmbH

    remote control productions (rcp) is an independent production house for development, production and mediation of games and is representing Europe’s biggest developer family. Since 2005 the Munich-based company is supporting, financing and coaching studios creating games for all major platforms. 


    remote control productions GmbH
    Karlstraße 68
    80335 München, Germany
    +49 89 21 02 05 70 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Stefan Wehler


    The Ministry supports small and medium sized enterprises in doing business worldwide. It gives them a platform to present their excellent Products to decision makers from all over the world. The Companies in Rhineland-Palatinate think global, act quickly and flexible and have international experience.


    Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture of
    the German State Rhineland-Palatinate (MWVLW)
    Stiftsstr. 9
    55116 Mainz, Germany
    +49 61 31 16 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniela Heimstadt

  • Rough Trade Distribution GmbH

    GoodToGo is the full service provider for Rough Trade Distribution and Groove Attack. The GTG/RTD/GA group is one of the independet market leaders in music distribution in Germany and Austria and one of the two biggest European distributors. They distribute physically and digitally worldwide!


    Rough Trade Distribution GmbH / Groove Attack GmbH / GoodToGo GmbH   
    Mathias-Brueggen-Str. 85
    50829 Cologne, Germany 
    +49 22 19 90 75 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Matthias Böttcher

    Jan Henke

  • RTL2 Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG

    RTL II is one of the leading private TV stations in Germany. Its entertaining docusoaps, high-quality series and feature films attract and delight young audiences. In addition, RTL II runs a wide range of very successful digital offerings such as video on demand, mobile apps or social media.


    RTL2 Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG
    Lil-Dagover-Ring 1 
    82031 Grünwald, Germany
    +49 89 64 18 50


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Carlos Zamorano 

    Sebastian Doppstadt

  • Rushlake Media GmbH
    Rushlake Media GmbH.png

    Rushlake Media is a German digital distribution company, which represents producers and rights holders in the international VOD market. One of our focuses is the African market.  RLM also develops new and innovative distribution-services like KINO ON DEMAND, which received the ECO INTERNET AWARD.


    Rushlake Media GmbH
    Karolingerring 31
    50678 Cologne, Germany
    +49 22 15 88 32 18 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Philipp Hoffmann

    Lena Werle

  • Schacht One GmbH
    Schachtone .png

    We are a subsidiary of “Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH” based at the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site! At Schacht One, we now produce digital ideas, where some 165 years ago Franz Haniel produced the coveted fat coal on a grand scale for the first time.


    Schacht One GmbH
    Gelsenkirchener Straße 181
    45309 Essen, Germany 
    +49 20 12 19 62 11


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Dirk Müller

    Laszlo Juhasz

  • schnellervorlauf gmbh
    schneller vorlauf gmbh .png

    By transforming strong ideas and clear design language into unique brand experiences, schnellervorlauf supports companies in the automotive, technology and cultural sectors make their customers happy.


    schnellervorlauf gmbh 
    Harderstraße 22
    85055 Ingolstadt, Germany 
    +49 84 11 42 81 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Sigrid Diewald 

  • Sedo Gmbh

    Sedo is the world's leading domain trading platform with 2 million customers and 18 million domains listed for sale. Sedo offers buyers and sellers a full suite of domain-related services, such as domain parking, appraisals, transfers as well as marketing and promotional activities.


    Sedo Gmbh
    Im Mediapark 6B
    50670 Köln, Germany 
    0049 22 13 40 30 20 8 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Christian Voss

  • Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

    Sennheiser is shaping the future of audio – a vision built on more than 70 years of innovation culture. Based in Wedemark near Hannover, Germany, the family-owned company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems.


    Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG 
    Am Labor 1 
    30900 Wedemark, Germany 
    +49 (0)5 13 06 00 11 66 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Uwe Cremering

  • Serviceplan Gruppe

    The Serviceplan Group is the largest independent agency group in Europe.  Creative, technology and media specialists work together in our Houses of Communication, towards our goal of ‘Building Best Brands’.


    Serviceplan Gruppe für innovative Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG 
    House of Communication Brienner Str. 45 a-d 
    80333 Munich, Germany 
    +49 89 20 50 20 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Joana-Marie Stolz

    Alex Turtschan

  • Sharkbomb Studios
    Sharkbomb Studios.png

    We are an independent game studio based in Karlsruhe, Germany developing Nowhere Prophet:   Become a Leader with the gifts of technopathy. Guide your band of outcastes across the wastelands and pick fights with slavers and machines using the card combat system. Can you reach the mysterious Crypt? 


    Sharkbomb Studios (Eckert / Nerurkar) GbR  
    Durlacher Allee 53 
    76131 Karlsruhe, Germany 
    0049 16 09 25 02 63 3


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Martin Nerurkar 

  • Shore GmbH
    shore GmbH.png

    Shore offers a cloud-based business software for small and medium-sized companies with a range of apps for online booking, appointment and customer management, employee scheduling and marketing. They help our customers simplify their business processes, increase their efficiency, and improve their service.


    Shore GmbH 
    Seidlstr.  23 
    80335 München, Germany 
    17 66 16 55 07 4 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Nikbin Rohany 

  • Signalwerk - Agentur fuer Kommunikation
    Signalwerk .png

    We dynamize brands. Signalwerk turns brands into experiences and people into brand ambassadors. Brands that provide experiences build relationships: in an interactive and emotional way; digital, medial, live. We therefor provide the topics, stories, films, visual worlds, social media and campaigns. 


    Signalwerk Agentur fuer Kommunikation GmbH 
    Horemansstrasse 8 
    80636 München, Germany 
    +49 89 12 71 47 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Andreas Lerner

  • Silbury Deutschland GmbH
    Silbury Deutschland Gmbh.png

    We assist companies in fulfilling customer wishes. We lay the foundations for this approach with customized groundbreaking solutions in digital marketing, communication and service management. Everything we do follows a specific goal: To guarantee long-term success in the digital world. We have great confidence in our close partnership with Oracle and rely on their latest Cloud technologies.  


    Silbury Deutschland GmbH  
    Fichtenstraße 20 
    90763 Fürth, Germany 
    +911 21 54 30 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Markus Neubauer

  • Sony Music Entertainment

    Sony Music Germany is one of three major record companies in Germany. Its domestic labels include Columbia, RCA Germany and Ariola in Munich as well as Four Music in Berlin. Artists like James Arthur, Hurts, Casper, Peter Maffay, Revolverheld or Marteria are signed to Sony Music Germany.


    Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH 
    Balanstraße 73, Haus 31 
    81541 Munich, Germany 
    +49 89 54 02 22 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Ina Jedlicka

  • Sound Diplomacy UG
    sound diplomacy_ghhp.jpg

    Sound Diplomacy help governments and the private sector understand the value of music, and how to unlock its full potential. Using cutting edge research and data-driven methodology we develop strategies that deliver economic growth and social development by creating vibrant and sustainable music ecosystems.


    Sound Diplomacy UG 
    Mahlower Str. 6 
    12049 Berlin, Germany 
    +49  30 58 88 16 87 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Katja Hermes 

    Lucas Knoflach 

  • Soundgarden Tonstudio GmbH
    Soundgarden .png

    Soundgarden Tonstudio is a renowned mastering and post production facility in Hamburg, Germany.  We provide custom-tailored audio solutions for music, spoken word and film with over 27 years of existence and multiple platinum and gold selling records by national and international clientele.


    Soundgarden Tonstudio GmbH 
    Billwerder Neuer Deich 72 
    20539 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 40 32 28 88 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Florian Siller

  • Soundnotation GmbH

    The complete All-in-One Solution for Digital Sheet Music for Right Owners of Popular Music. Fast and cost-effective sheet music creation from music files based on automatic processes. Soundnotation opens up new sales and marketing opportunities for digital sheet music and enables new revenues. 


    Soundnotation GmbH 
    Herlingsburg 6-10 
    22529 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 17 81 37 31 51 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Matthias Strobel

  • SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator

    SpinLab supports to establish and grow startups. In addition to coaching, founders will benefit from mentors as well as numerous contacts to investors, established companies and other founders. They can use a co-working office and will gain access to technologies offered by partners. 


    SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator 
    Weißenfelser Straße 65G 
    04229 Leipzig, Germany 
    0341 35 57 85 70 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Eric Weber 

  • SRH University of Popular Arts (hdpk)
    SRH Hochschule der populaeren Kuenste.png

    As part of the bachelor course Audio Design at hdpk in Berlin students will create immersive worlds of sound, 3D acoustics for games and soundlogs (sound branding). They will learn how to acoustically represent data (sonification), and to use computers i.e. software such as Pro Tools as platforms for composition and arrangement, and as a digital instrument. 


    SRH University of popular arts (hdpk) GmbH 
    Potsdamer Straße 188 
    10783 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 23 32 06 61 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Matthias Strobel

  • Stagelink GmbH

    The Stagelink software provides event organizers and promoters with unique fan insights and effective digital marketing to forecast sales and maximize profit. Leveraging machine intelligence, Stagelink analyzes event and audience data to accurately predict ticket sales as well as optimally design and channel marketing activities.


    Stagelink GmbH 
    Legiendamm 8 
    10179 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 20 00 42 01 2 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Nikolas Schriefer 

    Michael Schütz

  • Stuttgart Region Economic Corporation
    Stuttgart Region Economic Corporation.png

    The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) is the central contact for investors and companies in the City of Stuttgart and the five neighboring counties. The Creative Industries Unit of WRS, including the regional Film Commission and Popbüro Region Stuttgart, is the main contact for creative companies in the Stuttgart Region.


    Friedrichstrasse 10
    70174 Stuttgart, Germany
    +49 71 12 28 35 55


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Veit Haug


  • Sulytics

    Combining sustainability and analytics – Sulytics creates strategies for the future. We help companies, institutions and communes with the transformation from old business models into sustainable solutions.


    Ihmepassage 6 
    30449 Hannover, Germany 
    +49 17 08 60 95 88


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Constantin Alexander     

  • Sutor Bank

    Sutor Bank supports fintech startups and digital businesses with a comprehensive banking platform. Sutor Bank makes fintech work by providing products, services, APIs and IT systems digital companies need from a licensed bank to start and run integrated banking processes or finance business models.


    Sutor Bank 
    Hermannstraße 46 
    20095  Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 40 82 22 31 63


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Hartmut Giesen

  • t3n Magazin
    t3n Logo neu .png

    t3n, the magazine for the digital economy, covers news and trends of the web industry online and in quarterly print editions. Its editorial team offers fact-based and practical reporting about online business, social media, web technology and design, as well as the challenges of a digital future.


    t3n Magazin / yeebase media GmbH 
    Kriegerstraße 40 
    30171 Hannover, Germany 
    0049 51 11 65 94 40


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Andreas Lenz

    Jan Christe

  • Tamanguu GmbH & Co. KG

    tamanguu develops a smart ‘Software-as-a-Service’ platform for an advanced artist management. Our first module will be launched soon, which is a digital assistant tool for networking and relationship management, which helps you to boost your business through valuable relationships.


    Tamanguu GmbH & Co. KG 
    Niemannsweg 85 
    24105 Kiel, Germany 
    +49 43 12 59 81 45 9


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Matthias Strobel

  • Tech Open GmbH
    Tech open GmbH.png

    Tech Open Air (TOA) is the first and largest interdisciplinary technology festival in Europe dedicated to bringing together tech, music, art & science through knowledge exchange and collaboration. The TOA worldtour format brings Berlin and its spirit to cities such as Tokyo, Austin, Capetown, L.A. and Mexico City. 


    Tech Open GmbH
    Wattstraße 11 @AhoyBerlin 
    13355 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 15 73 59 84 86 6 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Nikolas Woischnik

  • TELLUX next GmbH
    tellux net .png

    TELLUX next develops multiplatform entertainment formats for film & TV as well as the online-world and the game-sector. For this purpose we are looking for potential partners as game-studios and app-developer. By being a Tellux-Group company the recently founded Tellux Next is part of one Germany’s biggest film production conglomerates.


    TELLUX next GmbH 
    Laplacestr. 12 
    81679 München, Germany 
    +49 89 90 90 11 40 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Philipp Schall

  • Tickaroo GmbH
    tickaroo  GmbH.png

    Tickaroo provides cutting-edge live content technology for professional reporters and communicators. Easily collaborate, curate and publish live news, sports or events with our liveblogging, live video and push notifications and benefit from our consulting expertise with our digital media services. 


    Tickaroo GmbH 
    Waffnergasse 8 
    93047 Regensburg, Germany 
    +49 94 15 86 12 57 8


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Naomi Owusu

    Matthew Ulbrich

  • TLGG GmbH

    TLGG is a digital business agency advising brands and corporations on digital change and connected communication, with offices in Berlin and New York. Founded in 2008, TLGG is working with international clients in areas as diverse as travel, automotive, FMCG, telecommunications and heavy industries.


    TLGG GmbH 
    Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40 
    10999 Berlin 
    +49 30 81 61 60 14 0


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Christoph Bornschein

  • Transmedia Bayern
    transmedia bayern_ghhp.jpg

    Interdisciplinary network of media professionals. Focused to narrative IP-development, worldbuilding, film, games, design, AR, VR, IoT, AI. Think tank and knowledge transfer base in the field of media innovation in Bavaria, Germany. 


    Transmedia Bayern / Bayerisches Filmzentrum 
    Bavariafilmplatz 7 / Haus 49 
    82031 Grünwald, Germany 
    +49 17 93 64 40 86 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Philipp Schall 

  • Travian Games GmbH
    Travian Games.png

    Travian Games is one of the world's leading PC games companies, based in Munich. The successful company has been growing for years across the whole spectrum of the online entertainment industry. Travian Games is aware of its social responsibility and is therefore committed to various ongoing charitable projects.


    Travian Games GmbH 
    Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Str. 22 
    80807 Munich, Germany 
    +49 89 32 49 15 0 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lars Janssen

    Harald Frank

  • TRO GmbH

    The German-based music agency TRO Music Services combines artistic intuition and technical perfection with undeniable data: As the only sound branding agency worldwide, TRO Music Services created an intelligent algorithm that objectively translates a brand identity into music and sound.


    TRO GmbH 
    Zimmerstr. 19 
    40215 Duesseldorf, Germany 
    +49 21 13 11 65 50 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Ric Scheuss

    Hans Landwehr

  • Unique Records & Unique Musikverlag

    Unique Records - Just good music since 1988! Unique Records is a label focused on the development of quality songs and songwriters in (mainly but not exclusively) Funk, Soul & Electronic music of any existing kinds. But also 60s & Singer-Songwriter. Handmade and authentic.


    Unique Records & Unique Musikverlag GmbH 
    Dorotheenstrasse 60  
    40235 Duesseldorf, Germany 
    0049 (0)2 11 30 27 16 3 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Ina Schulz

  • University of Applied Sciences K'lautern

    Virtual Design creates experiences on the disruption of technology. We research & design visions for the connected age. Virtual Design synchronises the real with the virtual to craft memorable worlds to be loved and shared. Our students are pioneering the connection between physical space and the digital/virtual landscape to create unique experiences. 


    University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern 
    Schoenstr. 6 
    67659 Kaiserslautern, Germany 
    +49 63 13 72 44 43 7 

    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Prof. Matthias Pfaff 

    Prof. Christian Schmachtenberg

  • University of Kaiserslautern
    Universitt Kaiserslautern .png

    The Computer Graphics and HCI Lab is part of the University of Kaiserslautern. It’s research focuses on Data Analysis and Visualization, Graphics Computation and Human Computer Interaction. 


    University of Kaiserslautern 
    Erwin-Schrödinger-Straße 1 
    67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany 
    0049 63 12 05 0 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Patrick Ruediger


    URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR presents architecturally challenging holiday & guesthouses. It`s a network for guests & hosts with special demands & criterias: individual demands on buildings, authenticity & personal proximity of the hosueoperators. We offer unforgettable holidays in convincing architecture.


    Bozener Strasse 6
    30519 Hannover, Germany 
    +49 51 11 65 81 93 62 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Guntram Engelhardt

  • User Centered Strategy GmbH
    User centered strategy.png

    Effective digital communication and strategy for global clients – we built some of the most active social media communities worldwide. Exceptional multi-channel UX strategies, digital brand identities.


    User Centered Strategy GmbH 
    Hessestrasse 5-7 
    90443 Nürnberg, Germany 
    +49 9 11 23 73 53 38 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Ingo Di Bella

    Florian Bailey

  • Vaillant GmbH

    Founded in Remscheid 140 years ago, the Vaillant Group today supplies innovative hot water, room heating and cooling solutions to countries all over the world. Our company develops high-efficiency products that save energy, conserve resources and enhance people’s quality of living.


    Vaillant GmbH  
    Berghauser Str. 40 
    42859 Remscheid, Germany 
    0049 21 91 57 67 92 0


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Philipp Fudickar

    Marc Hümmer

  • Vast Forward GmbH
    vast forward.png

    Vast Forward is a digital service agency, a project management hub collaborating with a huge freelance-network of developers, creatives and other specialists, serving the digital advertising market as scalable production partner.


    Vast Forward GmbH 
    Herrengraben 31 
    20459 Hamburg, Germany 
    +49 163 70 80 90 5 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Maren Wagener

    Matthias Wagener

  • viralwunder (Web Media Publishing AG)

    viralwunder is Germany’s first agency, specializing in social media reach & traffic for publishing houses and brands. Numerous renowned customers like Axel Springer, Burda, Gruner + Jahr, ProSiebenSat1, RTL, Square Enix, Royal Canin and many more have already placed their trust in viralwunder. 


    viralwunder (Web Media Publishing AG) 
    Baierbunner Strasse 3 
    81379 Muenchen, Germany 
    +49 17 55 01 69 43 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Florian Konrad Schmitz

    voss Fischer.png

    VOSS+FISCHER supports its customers with the expertise in Corporate Events, Brand Spaces and Design and Strategy Implementation. The three units combine the core conviction that focusing the essentials determines the success of communication. 


    Georg-Voigt-Strasse 17 
    60325 Frankfurt, Germany 
    +49 69 97 06 19 0


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Claus Fischer

  • Vuframe GmbH
    VUFRAME GmbH.png

    Vuframe enables anybody everywhere to create & share Smart Views and reach millions of people with Augmented & Virtual Reality through the Vuframe App. Vuframe is a trusted source for consumers to download & view products in Augmented & Virtual Reality.


    Vuframe GmbH 
    Krauterermarkt 3 
    93047 Regensburg, Germany 
    +49 94 15 86 12 84 8 


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Andreas Zeitler

  • Wavemaker GmbH

    Wavemaker is a billion dollar-revenue next generation agency that sits at the intersection of media, content and technology. We are obsessed with the customer's purchase journey and this is what connects our mission directly to our client’s business challenges. Find out more:


    Wavemaker GmbH 
    Derendorfer Allee 4 
    40476 Duesseldorf, Germany 
    0049 21 15 58 88 0


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Matthias Bruell

  • Westdeutscher Rundfunk

    Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) is the biggest public broadcasting corporation in Germany based in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Besides four television services and several radio programs, WDR also has an online department with focus on news, VR/AR and digital storytelling.


    Westdeutscher Rundfunk 
    Appellhofplatz 1  
    50667 Köln, Germany 
    +49 22 12 20 0


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Stefan Moll

  • WFP Innovation Accelerator
    WFP Innovation Accelerator .png

    To identify, nurture and scale up bold solutions to end hunger globally we support innovators across the globe. Based in Munich, the Accelerator provides funding, brings in hands-on innovation expertise and links teams with experts from the non-profit, private sector and academia to develop high-impact innovations.


    WFP Innovation Accelerator 
    Buttermelcherstrasse 16 
    80469 Munich, Germany 
    +49 15 15 35 61 91 5 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Bernhard Kowatsch

  • why do birds GmbH
    why do birds.png

    "why do birds" is a Berlin based agency specialized in Audio Branding, working for clients such as GORE-TEX, Hyundai, Siemens or FIFA. Services include the entire process from market research, brand strategy, conception, creation and style guide documentation to implementation.


    why do birds GmbH 
    Friedrichstr. 120 
    10437 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 55 57 83 37 1


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Matthias Strobel

    womex piranha arts ag.png

    WOMEX – the World Music Expo – is the most international music meeting in the world and the biggest conference of the global music scene, featuring a trade fair, talks, films and a showcase festival. Coming from 90 countries, WOMEX gathers 2,600 professionals including 300 performing artists on 7 stages. Next edition: WOMEX 18, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 24 - 28 October


    WOMEX / Piranha Arts AG 
    Kreuzbergstr 30 
    10965 Berlin, Germany 
    +49 30 31 86 14 17 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Frank Klaffs

  • XING Events GmbH

    We are the no. 1 marketplace for business events in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Moreover, we offer ticketing, registration, entry management, and event promotion services to organizers around the world.


    XING Events GmbH 
    Sandstraße 33 
    80331 Muenchen, Germany 
    +49 89 55 27 35 80 


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Cai-Nicolas Ziegler

  • yeebase media GmbH
    yeebase media .png

    t3n, a magazine for the digital economy, provides information about online business, social media, web technology and design as well a challenges of a digital future, both online and in quarterly print editions. It targets web workers and creatives, startup founders and managers, marketers and media professionals.


    yeebase media GmbH / t3n Magazine 
    Kriegerstraße 40 
    30161 Hannover, Germany 
    +49 51 11 65 94 40


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Andreas Lenz

    Jan Christe

  • ZEITGEIST Innovation Village
    zeitgeist innovation village.png

    ZEITGEIST is a creative education format. In our Innovation Village during South By we gather Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Futurists and C-Level Manager for a guided conference experience by connecting them with local experts, a curated program and valuable networking happenings.


    ZEITGEIST Innovation Village 
    Grafinger Street 6, WERK1 
    81671 Munich, Germany 
    +49 17 62 31 11 14 7


    Contact person at SXSW: 
    Florian Bergmann

    Lisa Kohl