Goodbye clunky, old-school hierarchies: New Media & New Work

Author: LARS GAEDE, journalist (Wired, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit, and other), co-founder Work Awesome (, Berlin- and New York-based agency that creates content and conferences on the future of work and helps organizations get future-proof.


The requirements for the modern workplace are entering a radically new era in many different ways. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and other disruptive technologies are changing and sometimes threatening well-established professions while also creating opportunities for entirely new ones. Globalization and digitization are forcing organizations to rethink the way they operate, calling for more experimentation and flexibility to account for the structural dynamics and unpredictability of current working environments. Businesses need new skills and strategies in order to accelerate adaptation to new trends, demands, and developments. Clunky, old-school hierarchical structures must be transformed into work cultures in which employees are empowered to collaborate, make executive decisions, and take on more responsibilities.

Though quite a challenge, this process is also a great opportunity for much-needed change, especially as the competition for talent increases across many industries and as companies realize they need to engage candidates and employees in a different fashion. For employees, this is a great chance to turn their workplace into a more human, more flexible, and more people-focused place. For companies, it may be the only way to survive.

At German Haus, we will dedicate a full day to the discussion of these new challenges and opportunities within the work landscape. On the same day, we will also look into similar changes and threats impacting the media landscape and explore how both areas will be affected by emerging business models and working environments.

>> Monday, March 12th @ German Haus