International Culture Tech Day

Author: REANNE LEUNING, Director Creative Industries, Advantage Austria

On Tuesday, March 13th, Germany and Austria will once again transform the German Haus into an exciting future zone for music, fashion, art, and technology.

With one of the highest concentrations of cultural institutions worldwide, including museums, concert halls, opera houses, theatres, galleries, fairs, and festivals, the neighboring countries Germany and Austria are pioneers when it comes to developing technological solutions for the challenges these establishments face today.

As both content generator and provider, the cultural industry finds itself among the sectors deeply affected by technology and digital transformation. When it comes to innovating the cultural landscape, VR, AR, and mixed reality play just as important a role as big data, blockchain, and AI. At the German Haus, visitors will be inspired by a visionary community of creators who generate additional benefits for content producers and rights owners with their innovative mindset and by using cutting-edge technology. 

Under the Culture Tech motto, the joint German-Austrian day will feature inspiring panel discussions, avant-garde performances, and industry showcases that unite surprising ingenuity with convincing business models, all centered around technology and culture.

We extend a warm welcome to you to join us and explore the future of culture and technology, and simultaneously experience new impulses related to such universal questions as to how to:

- position your brand in an outstanding way
- tackle the disruption of existing business models
- explore alternative revenue streams
- accelerate product innovation
- enhance customer experience
- create and strengthen new communities



>> Tuesday, March 13th @ German Haus