Wunderbar - Discover The Multifaceted German Music Scene

Authors: MICHAEL WALLIES, Public Relations, Initiative Musik gGmbH; CLAUDIA SCHWARZ, Project Manager SXSW 2018, Initiative Musik gGmbH

Music made in Germany has always come in all shapes and sizes. Legendary Bands such as Kraftwerk, Can, or Rammstein continue to have a palpable influence on the international music scene, having set high standards with their innovative sound, and live performances. German artists have had and continue to have a creative impact on new innovative music genres such as Krautrock, electronic music, and - most recently – a new wave of neo-classical music.

Germany’s versatile music market is one of the strongest worldwide. Likewise, no other country can boast a comparable concentration of live clubs and over five hundred - almost always -  sold out music festivals, attracting music enthusiasts from all around the world every year. Just think of the legendary heavy metal festival Wacken Open Air (W:O:A), a renowned global live-music brand in its own right, or the Melt! Festival at the amazing Ferropolis venue, an abandoned industrial plant once called the city of iron.
Now, it’s your turn to discover the over 20 amazing emerging acts who will be part of the German delegation at this year’s SXSW 2018 Music Festival, demonstrating once again that Germany remains a vibrant environment for music production.
Enjoy live performances by artists representing a wide range of musical styles and influences – from German-Ghanese R&B breakthrough artist Ace Tee who turned some heads with her viral hit “Bist Du down?” featuring Kwam.E to the Blackberries, a band of four from a small town in Western Germany with their unique blend of krautrock, psychedelic rock, and folk. From Joasinho, an experimental electronic music collective with their own orchestra of robots to the Hamburg-based Techno Marching Band Meute of 11 who re-arrange known songs and tracks, building an entirely new musical universe, highly entertaining and highly addictive.
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>> Wednesday, March 14th @ German Haus